July 1, 2022

What I Learned From a Room of Millionaires

by Danny Matta

I just got back from a 3 day Mastermind even that I am a part of.

There were 55 people in attendance for this event.

The net worth of the room was a combined 850 million dollars.

Why were we all there?

The same reason anyone is part of a Mastermind.

Collaboration, shared resources/experiences and mentorship from people that have already done what we are trying to do.

The founder of this specific group is worth about 200 million dollars himself. More importantly, he has a great marriage, great kids, is physically and mentally healthy and gives millions of dollars a year to charity.

He’s someone I would like to be more like and that’s why I invest in this group both with my time and money.

You could say the unofficial theme of the event was developing an economic plan for a time of uncertainty.

Simple business basics like focusing on what you’re good at, keeping your business profitable and limiting downside risk.

One thing that was interesting was a presentation one member did about rational decision making.

He made a really good point of how we can sabotage ourselves by not being patient and acting in an emotional state.

This is where having principles can really be helpful.

You can come up with your own principles to follow or you can do what I did and borrow them from other people.

My favorite person on this topic is Ray Dalio who wrote a book actually called Principles.

It was my favorite book I read in 2020 and I still go back to it often as a reminder.

Having these guiding principles helps us with difficult decision making.

In business, it seems like we have to make difficult decisions every week.

I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

I actually see the next 6-18 months as possibly a very challenging time for most business owners.

Economic challenges will continue to exist.

There is and will continue to be a lot of unknown around the job market, inflation and supply chain issues.

All this points to some level of economic reset that may make running any business more challenging for the short term.

The silver lining is, if you are a good business owner and make good decisions….you’ll be better off 18 months from now than your competitors.

It’s like a brush fire clearing out the dead plants.

If you’re lazy and lack efficiency in your business, you’re in trouble.

If you’re a hard worker and willing to make it work no matter what, you’re going to have life changing opportunities come your way.

You also don’t have to go through this alone.

We work very closely with hundreds of practice owners help them grow bulletproof, profitable businesses.

The best part is we all work together to share best practices and to make more informed decisions.

Ask yourself this….

Are you better off on your own or with the combined effort of 200 other smart business owners?

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