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Streamline your business.

Save your patience for your patients

Elevate your business to elevate your care with PtEverywhere
  • Access and edit easily – anywhere
  • Allow patients to select and book their appointments
  • Send and receive automated reminders and notifications of cancellations or changes
  • Quickly view patients’ past and future appointments, directly from your calendar
  • Quick, simple, accurate, and HIPAA-compliant patient documentation
  • Create notes anywhere by using the dictation tool through our mobile app
  • Upload and store external information to one easily accessible place
  • Customize note templates for your preference and your different services
Messaging and Notifications
  • Improve patient attendance and save valuable time with automated emails and app reminders
  • Message pictures, videos, text, and files securely to your patients
  • Email one or all patients and providers quickly and easily
Video HEP
  • Reduce clutter, paper waste, and confusion by prescribing video home exercise programs
  • Easily add your own videos and/or PDFs to our extensive exercise library
  • Achieve better patient outcomes by tracking and encouraging exercise compliance
  • Create and customize exercise protocols
  • Consult with patients remotely using our video conference feature
  • Create a new revenue stream for your clinic
  • Add convenience, connection, and value to your treatment plan
  • Maximize emerging healthcare technology to better serve your patients
Payment Collection
  • Customize invoices that can easily be submitted for insurance reimbursement
  • Utilize your fully integrated CardConnect© merchant account to process payments
  • Instantly share invoices and receipts through our patient portal
  • Swipe or submit card information securely through our app
  • Quickly produce a snapshot or your clinic’s activities and financials
  • Conveniently provide customizable progress and payment reports to your patients
  • Track and identify an extensive list of solutions to grow your clinic
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