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You don’t have to be at the office or in front of a computer to view or update your schedule.

PtEverywhere provides unlimited mobile and web access for you, your staff, and all of your patients.

Conveniently, your calendar syncs with patient documentation, which allows you to quickly access notes, invoices, and payment history.

Automated emails and push notifications help minimize missed appointments and save time for your staff to focus on treatment.

You can easily set up recurring appointments or drag to move an appointment.

By enabling online scheduling, you can even allow your patients to schedule themselves.

PtEverywhere allows you to customize your schedule, assign treatment rooms, and assign locations.


Documentation. We all dread it.

PtEverywhere is here to ease this chore with our Electronic Medical Records tool.

You’ll have quick, simple, accurate, and HIPAA-compliant patient documentation all in one easily accessible place.

Wherever you are, you can view or update patient history, physician, or insurance information.

Use the voice dictation feature on your mobile app to document on the move.

Upload and store external patient medical information.

Create an unlimited number of customizable note templates.

Easily share secure notes with other physicians. Track patient referrals.

If you need it, we’ve probably thought of it – and we will continue to add new features to this tool.

Messaging and Notifications

It happens.

Patients forget appointments. Patients forget to do their home exercises.

When these things happen, it hurts the patient and it hurts your business.

PtEverywhere is proven to reduce these memory lapses by automatically sending customizable alerts.

We provide unlimited notification and email reminders for your clinic at no additional charge.

You can also easily send pictures, videos, and files securely to your patient’s portal.

Contact one patient or all patients with announcements, surveys, or other messages from your clinic.

PtEverywhere helps you build a meaningful and valuable connection to your patients.

Video HEP

One of our most popular features is the Video Home Exercise Library.

You’re probably tired of the clutter of paper waste and confusing drawings.

PtEverywhere provides an extensive library of HD video exercises that are accessible anywhere.

We realize that most providers like to personalize their own exercises, so you can easily add your own videos by uploading from your computer or phone, and you can also add any videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo.

Efficiently search our video library using the Tags feature, and create groups of exercises.

If you’d prefer to send an exercise in PDF form, we offer that “paperless” option, as well.

Create and customize exercise protocols specifically for patients or for common injuries treated.

We remind patients to complete their prescribed exercises and instruct them to mark “complete” when finished.

We will then track this action and generate reports to show your patients’ progress.


We encourage providers who seek to create an even stronger connection to their patients to add PtEverywhere’s Telehealth feature.

This allows you to consult with patients remotely via video conference.

Patients love the convenience and they value the enhanced accessibility to their treatment.

Providers are excited to create a new revenue stream for their clinic.

Telehealth sessions maximize emerging healthcare technology to better serve your patients.

Payment Collection

At PtEverywhere, we know that less time with billing equals more time with patients.

We will improve your payment collection efficiency by providing invoices that are prefilled with patient information and can easily be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

Quickly sort, share, and track invoices by name, provider, date, or invoice number.

Your fully integrated CardConnect© merchant account can provide payment options for your patients with their own payment portal or a physical machine to swipe debit cards and credit cards.

Invoices and receipts created during payment collection are instantly shared in your patient’s PtEverywhere portal


Managing a successful practice requires much more than just outstanding patient care.

You’re probably very much like PtEverywhere – in that we are constantly evaluating our business operations to make them better.

Our Reports feature allows you to quickly view snapshots of how efficient and effective your practice truly is.

You can track and identify an extensive list of solutions to grow your clinic.

Our reports display the progress of your treatment programs and allow you to analyze your fees and payment systems.

We also help you utilize and enhance your referral program.

At PtEverywhere, we walk alongside you to help grow the success of your practice.

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