Online Physical Therapy 101: 5 Tips to Improve Patient Experience

During Covid-19, making the switch to online physical therapy is a must. Use these 5 tips to deliver a seamless patient experience.

COVID-19 rocked our world. With health and social responsibility as the priority, physical therapy practices rely on telehealth or telemedicine now more than ever.

PTs (physical therapists) and Pts (patients) are utilizing modern technology to communicate with one another from the comfort and safety of their homes. Business owners everywhere are adapting to survive.

If you are thinking about taking your practice online, here are some basic tips that will aid you in implementing telehealth.

1. Find a quiet space

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but whether you are in your office or living room make sure you are free from any background noise or distractions. This can include any distracting clutter that could potentially take away from the visit.

ultimate guide to online PT

2. Optimize your camera and lighting

Before you begin taking patients online, make sure your video quality and lighting are optimal.

If you are simply talking to patients one on one, make sure your camera is at eyelevel. Having your camera set to eyelevel makes it easier to make eye-contact and ensures that both you and your patient are staying engaged.

If you are doing more complex activities like demonstrating exercises on camera, then you may want to consider some additional background lighting.

Tablets, iPhones, and other smartphones are also viable platforms to conduct telehealth visits. Many of them have built-in cameras with excellent video and sound quality alongside the added mobility and flexibility of a mobile device.

Should you decide to broadcast from your very capable smartphone, there are many gadgets available that can turn your mobile device into a fully equipped studio.

3. Choose the appropriate software for your practice

Examine and evaluate your physical therapy practice’s needs and determine what software is the perfect fit for you (wink, wink).

It is important to analyze your set-up and goals. Then, determine your practice’s needs from there. Consider asking some of the following questions:

  • Do you need a practice management solution that includes telehealth on both a web browser and a mobile app?
  • What level of experience do you want to deliver to your patients?
  • How important is to you to save time by combining your schedule, forms, notes, billing, and HEP to work in unison with your telehealth platform?

Many new “telehealth” platforms are now flooding the market, but it is important to look at all of your needs as a physical therapist and choose a trusted and proven software provider. provides a cross-platform application that is compatible on desktops, laptops, Androids, and Apple devices and includes HIPAA-compliant telehealth features.

It is also available to use on all internet browsers, although PtEverywhere recommends using Google Chrome for an optimal experience.

4. Have “Built-in” Troubleshooting and Tech Support

If your clinic has more than a couple practicing physical therapists, it might be a good idea identify an “in-house” tech specialist among the group.

This means appointing one person to become an expert on the appropriate applications and technology and ensuring that important information and education are relayed to all other personnel involved.

For those of you who are flying solo in this climate, the same message still applies. It is imperative to acquaint yourself with any new applications and technology; expect the unexpected. If you fail to prepare, you may have to prepare to fail. Anticipate hiccups and remedy them before they happen.

5. Smile!

Telerehabilitation might not be the first choice for some patients, but there are many benefits when you embrace this technology. It is up to you to remain optimistic and continue to engage the patient with effective and impactful treatment.

In addition to changing individual lives through physical therapy, remote care can save your practice today and grow your practice tomorrow. And that’s something to smile about on the big screen.

If you’re making the switch to remote physical therapy, contact one of our physical therapy experts to find out how PtEverywhere can help your physical therapy solution.

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PtEverywhere Participates in PT Virtual Summit

RALEIGH, NC, May 7, 2020 – PtEverywhere’s Jeff Vajay and Jonathan Davis joined Dr. Becky Allen, owner of Genesis PT & Wellness, in Breakthrough PT Marketing’s Virtual Summit, hosted by Abbe Klein.

The event focused on discovering how to best navigate through crisis, lead your staff, patients and community and rebuild stronger than ever.

Dr. Allen launched her Dallas-based women’s health and pelvic floor physical therapy practice in Summer 2019.  She described the overwhelming task of juggling systems for medical records, intake forms, scheduling, payments, and home exercises before discovering PtEverywhere.  “The best thing ever is that (PtEverywhere) is all in one program and the app is so easy to use.  I use it on my phone and on my iPad.  If I’m on the computer, I use the browser – and they all work seamlessly.  My patients love it.  They comment all the time how easy it is.”

Amid the recent global health crisis, Dr. Allen also began implementing telehealth visits into her clinic through PtEverywhere.  She explains, “It’s just been really cool to hone my skills with telehealth, and we’re kind of forced into it with this pandemic right now…  It’s really made me a stronger clinician overall, because I’ve been able to learn how to help (patients) help themselves more than relying on solely manual treatments.”

Following more in-depth questions and answers with Dr. Allen, Vajay concluded, “If you’re looking for something that can make your life easier and cut down on your admin time, I encourage you to come talk to us.”

About PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere (think “Physical Therapist Everywhere” AND “Patient Everywhere”) was founded with an athlete’s mindset and a lofty objective: to create a new paradigm for physical therapists and patients, one with a modern approach to using technology to create a new level of interactive communication between physical therapists and their patients, while also accelerating therapist and patient successes, both inside and outside of the clinic.

PtEverywhere is the next wave in patient care. With the all-in-one physical therapy practice management software system, therapists can streamline their client communications, ensure patient compliance, and reduce overhead – all from one mobile cross-platform solution

Patient Payments During the Global Health Crisis

RALEIGH, NC, April 23, 2020 – Tom Cooley, founder of Go CardConnect, joined PtEverywhere’s Jonathan Davis in a webinar to discuss physical therapy patient payments during today’s global health crisis.

In this webinar, Tom and Jonathan discuss telehealth, integrated secure payments, a new bluetooth swipe device, PtEverywhere’s patient portal, and PCI Compliance.

Tom explained, “People are just evaluating their overall process of how their practice is operating and how it’s working. They’re looking at everything, and they want to look at everything from a holistic perspective and streamline things to make their lives easier.  And now is a great time; when there’s a pause.”

Jonathan added, “A lot of people view PtEverywhere as a scheduling system and as an EMR system. In fact, we were recently named the top rated EMR among other physical therapy EMR systems… In this time, we’re getting a huge demand for our telehealth and remote programming features. Therapists are still able to provide education, instruction, and guidance through video chat and home exercise programs within the PtEverywhere patient portal.  We’re in a time period where everyone has to adapt, and it’s very reassuring to know that PtEverywhere was already equipped to allow you to do so.”

About PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere (think “Physical Therapist Everywhere” AND “Patient Everywhere”) was founded with an athlete’s mindset and a lofty objective: to create a new paradigm for physical therapists and patients, one with a modern approach to using technology to create a new level of interactive communication between physical therapists and their patients, while also accelerating therapist and patient successes, both inside and outside of the clinic.

PtEverywhere is the next wave in patient care. With the all-in-one physical therapy practice management software system, therapists can streamline their client communications, ensure patient compliance, and reduce overhead – all from one mobile cross-platform solution

Telehealth Today

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare providers, including physical therapists, are taking considerable steps toward moving their practices online. The coronavirus has forced patients and providers alike to make massive changes without much notice.

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for physical therapists to expand their practices. The capabilities of telemedicine are continuously growing, and it is worth looking into implementing these features to further optimize patient care.

telehealth software pt clinic

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recently released a list of Telehealth Top 10 “To-Dos”. This list provides some excellent guidance for operating telehealth, specifically through a physical therapy practice management platform like PtEverywhere.

How to bring telehealth to your physical therapy clinic

PtEverywhere offers a variety of features that makes this transition from a brick and mortar physical therapy practice to the remote convenience of telehealth. Finally, there is a cross-platform application that makes it easy to access sensitive patient documentation remotely and securely.

PtEverywhere’s telehealth platform is encrypted, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. It is easy to use and can be accessed via the web, on Android, or on iPhones. PTs (physical therapists) and Pts (patients) can keep connected and discuss any patient concerns on a secured connection.

People are hurting and need movement experts now more than ever.  “Weekend Warriors” have turned into “Weekday Warriors”; and overuse injuries are rampant among many stir-crazy Americans.  On the other end of the spectrum, millions of people have replaced an active lifestyle with dangerous sedentary living; stuck on the couch, watching Netflix.

Telehealth provides a solution for physical therapists to help many people in need through evaluation, education, demonstrations, and remote programming. PtEverywhere provides a platform for all of this and more.

The patient portal enables patients to access any of their information from their laptops, tablets, or phones. Through this feature, patients have access to home exercise programs, progress tracking, online forms, scheduling and payment available at their fingertips.

Stay-at-home doesn’t have to mean staying still. Thanks to telehealth platforms, physical therapists have the means to keep providing their patients with excellent care and ensure that there are no hitches in their plans of care.

On the other hand, patients can still count on receiving the same quality of care that they would by visiting a PT practice in person; only now, they can do it from the comfort and safety of their homes.

No risk. No exposure. Only continued care and more flexibility.

For many, telehealth may be a temporary bandage for those looking to provide care while the world is under quarantine. Exemplary physical therapy should be deemed an “essential business” and should not be placed on hold. Thanks to telehealth and PtEverywhere, it doesn’t have to be.

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The results are in: PtEverywhere rated top EMR in customer satisfaction and technology leadership

PtEverywhere received top marks by customers in UpDoc Inc.’s recently released 2020 EMR Wish List Survey.

The company’s platform was given a “10,” the highest ranking, across several categories, including overall recommendation, pricing, and capabilities in documentation and billing. Survey respondents included a mix of clinicians and clinic managers.

While UpDoc’s survey was specific to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, PtEverywhere offers much more than that. Its platform is an all-in-one Physical Therapy Practice Management solution with scheduling, messaging, billing, and telehealth features.

In fact, telehealth is on everyone’s minds these days, as the global health crisis related to Covid-19 forces many health professionals to evaluate how they can help patients. When reached for comment on UpDoc’s survey, Michael Le, CEO of PtEverywhere, was excited and grateful for the high marks, and he praised PtEverywhere’s leadership for its forward-thinking design features.

Said Le, “We’re thrilled to receive such high marks from our customers, and it’s always nice to be recognized for our hard work. Our goal at PtEverywhere is to be customer-centric and patient-centric, and we are always looking forward in terms of what we are building into the platform and how it can help patients.”

“For instance, we built a telehealth feature into the software. A year ago, that was a ‘nice-to-have’ feature. Now, it’s an absolute necessity. Using our telehealth capabilities, therapists can continue to help patients, even if they’re not in the room with them. Evaluations, demonstrations, adjustments, and more are all possible from a safe and convenient distance, through the web or an app on your phone. Furthermore, therapists can edit and complete their treatment notes within the software simultaneously during the telehealth sessions.”

Seems like the survey respondents and Le agree: PtEverywhere really is the best way to connect to your patients.

Telehealth & COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, it is important now more than ever to play it safe.  Unfortunately, playing it safe means cancellations and delays of colossal events like SXSW and Coachella and suspensions or the removal of live spectators from the excitement of “March Madness”, NBA games, and ATP events.

Originating in China and spreading to 31 different countries, including the United States, COVID-19 or the coronavirus is bringing entertainment and classrooms alike to a screeching halt.  Institutions like Harvard and UCLA have joined the many universities that have sent their students packing in the virus’ wake.

However, one thing you cannot put on hold is your health.

Preliminary data suggests that the virus can be transmitted person to person and people with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk. For many, leaving the safety of their home is simply not an option.

Fortunately, telehealth is becoming a strikingly simple and effective alternative to providing in-person patient care to at-risk patients.

The House of Representatives recently included a provision in an $8.3 billion emergency response bill approved on March 6th that would temporarily lift restrictions on Medicare telehealth coverage to assist in the efforts to contain the virus.

The bill enables the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “waive or modify application of certain Medicare requirements with respect to telehealth services furnished during certain emergency periods.”

Telehealth (also known as Telemedicine and Telerehabilitation) allows medical professionals, including physical therapy practitioners, to provide virtual care to patients in their homes. This is especially beneficial to PTs (physical therapists) and Pts (patients) alike, because it lowers the risk of exposure and eliminates any hitches in their care plans.

While the outbreak provides an additional risk for certain patients, it also gives telerehabilitation a chance to redefine itself. Typically seen as a convenience or luxury for most practitioners, it is now filling a pivotal gap in emergency patient care.

It is a way for therapists and patients to maneuver around the virus’ impact and utilize technology to consult, advise, and plan ahead. For example, physical therapists and patients are able to video chat using HIPAA-compliant software to resolve any issues and ensure that care plans are being executed properly.

In the face of a medical emergency, it is up to all care providers to ensure that patients feel safe and empowered even in the face of an outbreak. Thanks to secure messaging and video chat software, providers and patients alike can greatly reduce the fear and risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.

Telehealth does not eliminate the risk completely, but it is insurance for the one thing that can’t be canceled or put on hold: your health.

You Can’t Spell “LOVE” Without Pt

It is February once again and love is in the air. It is the season and an opportunity for everyone to come a little closer and express our affections for our significant others, families, and even our fur babies. However, something that should not be overlooked is the labor of love we perform each day.

In the everyday operations of running a physical therapy clinic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the taxing clerical work that goes into the process. Valentine’s Day is here and while everyone is focused on their significant others, there is a key relationship that should not be forgotten.

The relationship between physical therapist (PT) and patient (Pt).

It can be overwhelming for a single clinician to give equal care to every single patient as the practice expands. However, there are many tools available to alleviate the work load.

A growing number of physical therapists are operating cash-based practices, because this gives them more opportunity to care for patients one on one and focus specifically on their needs. Breaking free from the limitations of insurance contracts frees up a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on paperwork.

There is still the challenge of maintaining a practice and managing a busy schedule with numerous patients that have a myriad of different physical therapy care plans. Thankfully, has many features to help any physical therapy practice run more efficiently.

PtEverywhere’s practice management suite furthers PTs’ ability to engage with patients one on one. Many features are implemented to take advantage of new technology and eliminate the need for filing cabinets and other antiquated systems:

– Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – PtE’s cross-platform app stores patient information on a readily available and easy to organize cloud storage. Utilizing cloud technology eliminates the need for paper charts and allows practitioners to pull up important patient information on the fly.

– Home Exercise Prescription (HEP) videos – Instead of giving patients the traditional pen and paper prescription, physical therapists are enabled to upload exercise videos to a patient portal and provide better guidance and greater convenience.

– Telehealth – like FaceTime, but HIPAA-compliant. Telehealth (also known as Telemedicine and Telerehabilitation) enables physical therapists to communicate over video chat with their patients over an encrypted and secured connection, thus ensuring confidentiality.

Physical therapists and patients have access to the cross-platform PtEverywhere app to ensure an ongoing dialogue and relationship between each other. Not only does PtE eliminate a lot of the stress that goes into managing documentation, but it fosters the relationship between therapist and patient.

When you are in the business of helping people, you do not want to lose sight of your primary objective: caring for patients and helping them reach their goals. Physical therapy is a labor of love that heals people and enriches their lives without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgeries.

PtE is ultimately here to help physical therapists connect with who really matters: the patient.

New Decade, New Possibilities

Each new year comes with endless possibilities. It is a time for self-reflection and to set goals and work towards the betterment of yourself and the world around you.

With 2020, we have the privilege of ushering in a new decade—brimming with the potential to benefit ourselves and the communities around us.

In the world of physical therapy, this branches out in the form of a new wave of physical therapists; those who favor a more patient-centered therapy experience. An experience that truly favors and values the patient and their goals.

It may have been difficult in the past to fulfill the PT needs of patients due to the limitations of physical therapy technology and software, and other external strains as well. is proud to ring in 2020 and the new decade with a fresh and exciting take on physical therapy software that enables these new and innovative PT practices to better organize and optimize patient care and information.

PtEverywhere organizes everything practitioners need for managing a practice in one condensed easy to run platform that puts the patient at the center of everything.

It gives physical therapists control of their practice right at their fingertips; a cross-platform app gives users the flexibility to access it from their computers, tablets, and other mobile devices.

It is an exciting platform that provides physical therapists with the means to access payment information, HIPAA-compliant forms, and online scheduling amongst other things.

Physical therapy patients will also be empowered through the app to watch home exercise videos (HEP), view superbills, and more easily communicate and engage with their physical therapists. is excited to usher in the new decade with an innovative solution for cash-based physical therapists and their patients.

Software that both PTs (physical therapists) and Pts (patients) will find useful in progressing their goals for the new year.

Improve Patient Care with Telehealth

As with so much else in the digital age, our wearable fitness trackers already have the capability to transmit hundreds of thousands of bytes of data—from how we’re sleeping and how many steps we’re walking to our heart rates while we’re doing one or the other!

This constant source of information via bits and bytes, as well as the prevalence of telecommunication technology and channels, is now merging into an industry called Telehealth. It’s the next logical step in a healthcare evolution that’s moving beyond traditional offices and clinics and into people’s homes.

physical therapy telehealth software

Telehealth is more than just wearable fitness trackers. In fact, those fitness trackers aren’t necessary to a good telehealth program. So, don’t worry if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like counting steps. Telehealth is still for you.

In fact, PtEverywhere just launched the Telehealth feature of our Physical Therapy Practice management software, and here’s why we think it’s important for your clinic and your patients.

Benefits of Telehealth for Physical Therapy Clinics

According to a recent study by Research and Markets, the U.S. telehealth market is expected to grow by 27% over the next six years. That’s significant. But what does it mean?

Telehealth utilizes technology to enable remote patient and clinician contact, including care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and remote admissions. There’s also opportunity for distance-learning meetings and presentations.

Telehealth could include clinicians discussing a case over video conference; a robotic surgery occurring through remote access; physical therapy done via digital monitoring and home monitoring through continuous sending of patient health data; client to practitioner online conference; or even videophone conversations during a consult or follow-up appointment.

By its very nature, telehealth is a patient-centric, outcomes-based model because patients and providers can connect much more efficiently, conveniently and economically. Removing the stress of office visits also helps patients relax and can encourage them to be more invested in their own health.

Bring telehealth to your PT clinic

That’s why PtEverywhere is so proud of our Telehealth feature. We pride ourselves on our commitment to patient-centric care that puts outcomes before insurance fees.

Our Telehealth sessions utilize technology to help you maximize your clinic time and put your patients’ progress at the center of your practice. Now you can connect with your patients in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment, as well as share files, scans, videos, and more.

Try it, and you’ll see that our Telehealth feature is just one more piece of a very important puzzle that’s helping to put patient care back in healthcare.

pt clinic telehealth software

Patient Care Plans with Packages and Memberships

Sell and Track a Complete Plan of Care with Packages and Memberships

When patients understand your value, they will financially commit to your plan of care

PtEverywhere proudly enables customers to sell and track packages and memberships. In addition to Scheduling, Documentation, Payment Processing, Home Exercise Videos, Online Forms, and Messaging, we continue our efforts to deliver a complete, mobile solution to cash-based physical therapy.

“Physical therapists are increasingly offering packages or action plans to their patients,” said Jonathan Davis, PtEverywhere’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “PtEverywhere allows you to sell a pre-purchased number of sessions online, track the remaining sessions, and apply the initial purchase to a superbill for each individual visit. You can also set up recurring payments through the memberships feature.”

Patients cannot achieve their goals overnight, so it is important to share your plan and earn patients’ buy-in. Regardless of the complexity of the case, you can now clearly define the financial commitment required to reach those goals. By offering packages or memberships, you are setting expectations and greatly reducing the likelihood of patient drop-off.

Jeff Vajay, owner of Smart Athlete Physiotherapy, explains: “We do best when we sell plan of care packages. This creates more buy-in from patients and a stronger commitment toward achieving their goals. Each time patients are checked out in PtEverywhere, the invoice applies what they paid per session and provides a breakdown of CPT unit pricing. This is key because an advance purchase can often create accounting nightmares when giving patients superbills to submit for reimbursement. PtEverywhere handles all of that and tracks how many sessions are left. This gives me more time and energy to focus on patient care.”