Would you trade your health/relationships for business success?

What if I could guarantee business success in whatever venture you wanted to pursue?

Would you take it?

What if the only catch was, you would also be guaranteed to end up divorced and have no relationship with your children.

Would you take it then?

The vast majority hopefully you would say no to this deal but over and over again we see clinicians ruin all the relationships they value in pursuit of business success.

We become obsessive over business success and honestly, I think you almost have to be in the early stages.

What we stop prioritizing is time with the people around us and our own physical/mental health.

You can only do this for so long before you end up in a bad place.

I know personally.

I’ve had an anxiety attack I thought was a heart attack.

I’ve had shingles.

I’ve strained my relationship with Ashley almost to the point of no repair.

I’ve put myself in terrible physical and mental condition by not sleeping, training or working on myself at all.

I’ve lost touch with friends and family members.

All because of trying to build a business.

I thought this was just how it had to be until I started getting around other entrepreneurs and getting help from business coaches.

What I learned saved my health and definitely my marriage.

I learned how to prioritize the right things and focus on the right work.

Once I stopped focusing on the amount of effort I was putting into the business and started focusing on being efficient, I created more time for myself.

This allowed me to be more present with my family, friends and focus on taking care of myself again.

You don’t have to go through what I did.

It’s not some cool badge of honor to say you almost ended up divorced and gave yourself singles.

It’s frankly stupid of me for not getting help sooner than I did.

If you sound like you’re going down the same path I did, we should talk.

You can have a successful business, great relationships and great health.

You just need to learn how to manage the crazy life of an entrepreneur that you willingly stepped into.

We are trying something new this week.

We want to make it really easy for you to get in touch with us so we are opening up an option for you to shoot us a text.

Just text 512-714-3146 and let us know you’re looking for some help.

We can point you to a relevant podcast, share a free resource or maybe even jump on a short call with you.

We know we can help and we want to prove it to you for free.

Talk to you soon and have a great weekend.

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How to Cure Impostor Syndrome

I’ve been there.

You’re thinking to yourself….

What if I’m not a good enough clinician to help them?

What if they don’t get better?

What if they say no?

What if they leave a bad review?

I just need another year to learn more.

I just need a Fellowship to be ready.

I just need a little more time because I’m not an expert yet.

Impostor syndrome is a real problem. It’s probably the greatest mental battle we have to fight to be able to go out and do something on our own.

I’ve had to deal with this as a new grad, a new instructor for MobilityWOD, a new business owner and currently an educator/consultant for other businesses.

Each time I’ve taken on a new role, my old friend Impostor Syndrome comes back out.

Here’s how I deal with it and the daily habit I have that puts Impostor Syndrome back where it belongs.

Step one is to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I’m not talking about more control of your time and making more money. I’m talking about a deeper reason as to why you’re going out on your own.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say you have two kids and you have spent a significant time reflecting on what type of relationship you want to have when them as they get older.

You want to be able to drop them off and pick them up from school. You want to coach all their sports teams and you want to be around them as much as possible.

Because of this you realize that time freedom is really important.

You decide you need to control your own schedule and go out to start your own business.

Then shit gets hard.

People turn you down, you flatline your growth and struggle to gain traction.

If all you wanted was to not work on Friday, this is probably where you give up and go back to whatever you were doing before.

If you know the ultimate goal is to spend as much meaningful time with your kids as possible, you’ve got a much more compelling reason to keep pushing.

This deep why is what you have to understand.

Step 2 is you need to write it down.

I’m not talking about one sentence.

I’m talking about creating a vision statement.

The creation of a vision statement is in the very first module of our Clinical Rainmaker Coaching Program. It’s at the beginning because it’s the first assignment we actually want people to complete.

This is a document where you write down in detail your deep why.

You put images of the things that are important to you or that you want to achieve one day.

You put down bullet point quotes and affirmations that are meaningful to you.

It’s your compass to stay on track to hit your goals.

Step 3 is to read this vision statement first thing every morning.

Seriously, every morning.

This is the hardest part but the most important part.

When we start our day knowing exactly why we are doing what we are doing, all the ups and downs are easier to handle.

In my experience success is something that happens very slowly.

Most people give up before they give themselves enough time to actually become successful.

If you’re struggling with Impostor Syndrome, this will help you…if you’re willing to do the work.

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Why time is more valuable than money.

My daughter turns 7 today! I’m a 100% biased parent but my daughter is a badass and I love watching her grow up.

She has virtual school today but I’ll be making her lunch (grilled cheese and tomato soup), jumping on the trampoline and practicing gymnastics skills with her. This is the day she said she wanted with me and I’m excited to spend so much time with her today.

When I first got out of the Army in 2014 Maggie was 6 months old. I was teaching 3-4x a month as an instructor for MobilityWOD. This was usually a Friday to Monday trip. I got a chance to travel around the world teaching and meet some amazing people. I also missed a lot of important events and multiple family birthdays.

Looking back, I regret saying yes to teaching the weekends we had birthdays and family events. At the time, I was in straight survival mode. I had left a stable income and didn’t know if I could make it working just for myself. I would take any course I could get because at least I knew I could make some money for teaching.

When my daughter was 4, she started to get really sad when I would leave. She would be sad for days before I would leave and would beg me to stay. Even though I’d only be gone for a few days, to my family it felt like an eternity.

I started really decreasing my teaching events at that time and now I do no more than 4 work trips a year. Often times, I try to bring my family with me if possible.

I’ll never get the time I lost missing my kids birthdays back. I don’t even know how much I made for those teaching events but whatever it was, it wasn’t worth it.

Time is where it’s it and in particular say over what you do with your time.

We have a simple rule in our house when looking at any decision or business opportunity. We ask ourself this one question.

Does saying yes to this allow us to spend more meaningful time with our friends and family?

If the answer is no, we pass. If the answer is yes, we give it further consideration. That one question has dramatically simplified my life and improved my relationship with my family.

Doing something on your own can start with just wanting to make more money than working for someone else. Ultimately, what you’ll realize is that it’s all about freedom. Freedom to work on the things you love. Freedom to work from where you want to live. Freedom to never miss the most important times with your family.

The only things better than time might just be red velvet cake and I’ll be enjoying a big piece of that with Maggie tonight!

Have a great weekend!

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