Developing your philosophy of life

A good friend of mine recently gave the book, A Guide To Living A Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William Irvine.

I’m almost finished with it and I’ve enjoyed it so much I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

Overall, I’ve found it very interesting and there’s one key point that I really think everyone should know.

It has to do with your philosophy of life.

I’ve read or listened to a decent amount of philosophy books (nerd alert!) but never quite grasped the concept of having a philosophy of life.

When I think philosophy, I think about high level conversations about the meaning of life and all the questions we have that there are no answers for.

This may be true in some capacity but the real benefit to philosophy is to create and live by your philosophy of life.

Think of this as your guiding principles or your general attitude towards life.

It’s very similar in my experience to core values in a business.

We define what our company stands for through core values.

We display these on our walls and ultimately, they are what we use to make decisions.

Our core values are the compass of our business making decisions.

Your philosophy of life is the same but on the personal side.

This is your personal compass for actions you should or shouldn’t take. Also, for helping make the right decisions on directions you should or shouldn’t go in life.

I think the best part is that it’s all inclusive.

I want to share what’s helped me because I think rejection and the fear of rejection are some of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome if we want successful businesses.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is or is not, what you look like or where you come from.

Your philosophy in life is unique to you but the hard part is….you actually have to put some effort into deciding what you value and what your philosophy will be.

There are plenty of resources that can help with this and the book I’m reading is a good example of one of those.

I can say that my journey in defining my philosophy in life has had a very positive impact on my overall life.

I’m far less stressed and angry.

I’m more present with my wife and kids.

I’m more clear on what I want to accomplish and why.

I’m overall just a happier person.

All of this self work has also helped me become a better mentor to the hundreds of business owners I work with.

The hardest part honestly is getting started and initially piecing together your own philosophy.

It’s challenging but meaningful work.

If you’re a business owner, I think this work is non-negotiable.

Eventually, your personal limitations will be exposed.

It could be your lack of emotional control that comes out with an employee that’s frustrating you.

It could be your own self doubt that shows up as you have more competition in your local area.

It could be your lack of presence around the people you love most.

Eventually, you’ll have to confront your own limitations and developing a philosophy of life is what has helped me the most.

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