Insurance fraud and what to do about it

This week an Erie based physical therapy group called Hertel and Brown Physical Therapy was raided by the FBI.

Imagine being a staff PT at this place….

You’re getting one of the 3 patients you’re working with that hour set up on a recumbent bike so you can teach one of your other patients how to do some theraband exercise.

In bust 10 FBI agents with guns looking for your boss!

Not something that happens everyday at a clinic like this.

The summary of what was going on is insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud to the tune of 22 million dollars!

These guys are in some serious trouble.

Here’s some good news though…

…if you want to avoid the possibility of insurance fraud all together, don’t accept insurance.

One of my favorite parts of having a cash practice is that we are completely transparent with our clients.

They know exactly what they are paying.

They will never get a bill from us months down the line.

They will always get our best and honest efforts to help them get back to the activities they love.

Stories like this group of idiots in Erie are what give our profession a bad name.

No wonder there has been such a massive transition to cash or hybrid practices.

If you’re heading that direction, I think you’re making a great choice.

Just think 5-10 years out.

Do you think insurance will reimburse you more or less?

Do you think insurance will require more documentation or less?

Do you think practices will require you to see more or less patients?

I’m obviously very bullish on the cash practice model but just answer those three questions yourself to see where you stand.

If you’re thinking about starting a cash practice or you’ve already gotten started, we have something really cool I think will help you.

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to put together our Part Time To Full Time 5 Day Challenge.

In the course of 5 days, we deliver specific training and resources that will help you develop a rock solid plan for success.

We start by getting you crystal clear on just how much revenue you need to make in order to be able to go full time in your practice.

Next, we help you dial in what you should charge and how many visits you need to actually see in order to be full time.

After that, we go over 3 proven transition strategies from part time to full time that have worked for hundreds of our clients.

Next, we give you the exact sales and marketing systems you need to have in order to run a successful practice. Literally, a checklist fully organized for everything you need to have in place!

The last thing you’ll do is put together a 1 Page Business Plan.

We give you all the resources you need to develop a rock solid plan and make sure you’re making the transition to full time in your own practice successfully.

The best part is, it’s totally free.

We’ve had people go through this challenge and tell us this free course is better than most paid courses they have gone through!

We honestly think this is one of the better resources we have ever created.

If you have any interest in going from part time to full time, head here to get signed up for this free challenge.

5 Day PT Biz Challenge.

Even if you haven’t started a practice but have plans to soon…. this challenge will be a great way to get yourself highly organized before starting.

Our motto is… Change is Coming!

We’ve said it for years and it’s been crazy to watch the growth of cash practices.

Change is coming. In fact, change is here.

You have to ask yourself if you’re going to be part of the movement or sit on the sidelines while so many of our colleagues change their lives forever!


P.S. If you have a practice, check out our friends at PtEverywhere. We switched to their software to run our cash practice and it’s been a game changer!

The golden opportunity amidst the chaos

I was once told that I was arrogant. It came from someone I had a lot of respect for and at the time, it was hard for me to hear. As hard as it was for me to hear, it was even harder to come to the conclusion that he was right.

Who wants to admit they are flawed? Who wants to admit they have work to do on themselves? It’s an uncomfortable and challenging process.

Looking back, if this mentor hadn’t set me straight, I would not be the person I am today.

He said to me, “Danny, confidence without humility is arrogance. You have a lot of confidence but you lack humility. Arrogant is not something you want to be.”

For me it was and always will be ego that I must manage. Balancing a healthy self confidence with humility and openness to change is very challenging.

It’s something that has to be trained like a muscle. If left unchecked for too long, ego creeps back and shows itself in an ugly way.

I write this during the most strange and divisive time I have ever lived through.

A global pandemic is upon us, an election is months away that has polarized our country and many of us have no idea what will happen with our children and their school next year.

How is one to focus, think clearly and make decisions based on logic with so much conflicting information, opinions and something to distract you everywhere you turn.

We must look inward and focus on principles. We must maintain discipline, listen but not get distracted. We must understand the process we need to follow to continue towards the life we really want for ourselves and our families.

Lack of emotional control is a byproduct of an unchecked ego. Emotional control cannot be learned from a book or by watching a Youtube video. It must be gained and sharpened via practice. What a golden opportunity we have to cultivate level headedness, emotional control and taming our own egos.

If you can maintain emotional control during a pandemic while quarantined at home with kids and so much uncertainty, normal day to day life will seem easy!

We must embrace the discomfort for what it is, practice. Deliberate practice that will make us better going forward…if you chose to use it.

Also, keep this in mind. If we screw up (which we will), yell at someone, send an angry tweet or lash out in some other way, it’s ok. The goal is to work on making this less and less common.

First, you must be aware, then you must practice. Tomorrow is a new day with a new opportunity to control our ego, control our emotions and take another baby step towards something we will never actually achieve…mastery of ourselves.

Just remember, the fear never goes away, the self doubt never leaves and ego is always lurking. We just have the opportunity to become better at dealing with these.

Achieving contentment without complacency

I had an interesting conversation with a friend from my time in the Army the other day. He’s still active duty and has a couple years left before he can retire and move on to whatever he wants to do next.

We chatted about funny things that happened while we were at Baylor and eventually we got into the topic of him starting his own practice when he retires.

The funny thing for me was, he had all the same questions and fears that I had when I was transitioning out of the Army.

Being on the other side of the conversation was a bit surreal. This is someone I have a massive amount of respect for. Even when we were in school, I viewed him as a leader.

Fast forward 6 years and here we are having a conversation about his next steps. He’s asking me what he should do and seemed nervous but excited about his future opportunities.

Moments like this are interesting. When I left the Army, it was to teach to teach and to start a cash practice in Atlanta. I didn’t get out with the intention of eventually teaching other people about the business side of cash practices.

So how did we get to this place?

I spent some time reflecting on this after our conversation and here’s the conclusion I came to.

Taking a chance on myself and focusing on the process of constant progression.

That’s it!

First you have to take the hardest step, which is taking a chance on yourself. It’s scary as hell but necessary. Once you do that, you have to get better every single day.

I had a conversation with Kelly Starrett about this once. I asked him if he had this grand plan to eventually start MobilityWOD (now The Ready State), write multiple books and be a consultant for tons of professional teams.

Obviously he didn’t. It all started with a blog. Him sharing his ideas with other CrossFit coaches and eventually a Youtube channel because blogs just took him too long.

That same combo of starting something and focusing on improvement is what he has stuck to this day.

Complacency is the thing you must fight every day. If you can do that, you’ll make progress. Do that for years and you’ll make massive progress.

The challenge is, you also have to learn how to taper your desire to progress. If you don’t, it’s just as bad as being complacent. If can negatively effect the relationships you have and you’ll end up a lonely arrogant person that thinks you know it all.

I’ve struggled to find that balance since the day I left the Army. The thing I’ve found that helps me so much has been focusing on gratitude. Remembering where you started and the work you’ve put in to make change.

That gratitude also helps you realize that you may have aspirations and ambition but what you’ve already accomplished is enough.

Seriously, if you never accomplished anything more than what you have right now, you’re still probably better off than the vast majority of the people on this planet!

Who are you comparing yourself to anyway?

There’s a famous line from Fight Club in which Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) says “Advertising has us chasing clothes and cars, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

This is so true. We chase accolades, possessions, money and notoriety. In the process we forget the benefit and the value is in the process.

It’s about personal growth, challenge and experience.

This is why I’m such an advocate for entrepreneurship in our profession.

Very few things will challenge you and force you to grow as much as taking a chance on yourself.

I hope you have big aspirations and achieve whatever it is that you want.

Just don’t forget, it’s about the process….not the result.

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