Tennis Championship Sponsored by PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere sponsors UTR Invitational

Annual Triangle Tennis Academy Championship hosted in Raleigh-Durham

DURHAM, NC, September 27, 2021 – Members of the PtEverywhere team gathered at Elmira Avenue Park this past weekend to provide sponsorship, support, and participation in the Triangle Tennis Academy UTR Invitational.

“We are honored to have PtEverywhere as partner and sponsor for the annual Triangle Tennis Academy UTR Championship.  This is definitely a great measure of support for us and tennis players across our community,” said Kabiru Ibrahim, head coach and founder of Triangle Tennis Academy. “We look forward to continuing working together and we are very appreciative for all of the work that PtEverywhere does for athletes in North Carolina and beyond.”

PtEverywhere continues efforts to engage local athletic communities and give back through various competitive events.  In addition to promoting outdoor exercise ahead of the winter season, this event served as an opportunity to expand local interest for the sport of tennis.

“Professional athletes, youth athletes, and weekend warriors rely on the PtEverywhere software solution for achieving their physical therapy, movement, and function personal goals,” said Jonathan Davis, Director of Sales at PtEverywhere. “This is more than just a mobile EMR.  We are thrilled to see such a significant impact from the PtEverywhere patient portal across local athletic communities and across the globe.  Having an opportunity to plug in to the UTR Invitational this weekend was a natural fit and a first-class experience.”

More information about Triangle Tennis Academy can be found here.

About PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere (think “Physical Therapist Everywhere” AND “Patient Everywhere”) was founded with an athlete’s mindset and a lofty objective: to create a new paradigm for physical therapists and patients, one with a modern approach to using technology to create a new level of interactive communication between physical therapists and their patients, while also accelerating therapist and patient successes, both inside and outside of the clinic.

PtEverywhere is the next wave in patient care. With the all-in-one physical therapy practice management software system, therapists can streamline their client communications, ensure patient compliance, and reduce overhead – all from one mobile cross-platform solution.

Why inaction is the greatest obstacle you must overcome

How many of you have delayed trying something or learning something new because of fear?

I know we all have but I recently watched it first hand this summer.

For 3 summers I’ve been trying to teach my son how to dive into a pool.

I even went as far as to offer him $50 if he completed a dive off the side of the pool at the end of last summer.

I kept my $50 and he never completed a dive.

This summer, he saw some of his friends diving off the side of the pool and independently decided, now is the time.

He retroactively asked me for his $50….obviously that little hustler didn’t get it.

Now he’s diving off actual diving boards and doing flips.

He’s not scared anymore but he has so much more confidence when jumping into a pool.

I know this is fairly insignificant but here’s my point.

He missed out on a few summers of the joy of diving and flipping into water.

In the grand scheme of things it’s no big deal.

It was all mental and fear held him back from doing something he loves for quite some time.

It’s scary because it’s new and there’s unknown.

If you think about it from his perspective, I wanted him to dive head first into water.

When in his life does he ever dive head first into anything?

In fact, it really hurts when you hit your head on anything so why would anyone want to do that willingly?

As logical as that may be, we know it’s totally safe and a great skill to learn.

I see the same fear and hesitancy with clinicians that are thinking about starting a practice or growing their practice.

It’s the fear of the unknown.

Frank D. Roosevelt famously said in his first inauguration speech.
“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

When there is unknown, our first reaction is to retreat.

I’ve personally worked with literally hundreds of clinicians that have started their own practice at this point.

Here’s the most common response when I ask them if they regret anything.

They almost always tell me they regret not getting started sooner.

The same thing can be said for those clinicians that don’t scale past themselves.

They’re scared that it won’t work out.

They’re scared that the person they hire will steal all their business.

Their scared they don’t have the skill to lead others.

All of these are real possibilities but…what if it works out?

What if you’re an amazing leader?

What if you can grow a business that creates time and financial freedom for you and your family?

What if your able to help countless other people in your area that you just can’t help alone?

Inaction is killing you.

The root of inaction is fear.

One of the best ways to deal with fear is to see that others are having success…just like my son Jack did when he saw his friends diving into the pool.
If you want to see some of the results our clients are getting and help deal with your own fear, head here.

Here’s one thing you should be fearful of.

There are A LOT of people taking action out there, right now.

The market is ripe to start or grow a cash or hybrid practice.

It’s hard to say how long it will be like this.

Opportunities will always be seized by the bold and regret will go to those who delay.

It will be harder to start or grow a practice in a 5 years.

More and more competition is moving into this sector because of the MASSIVE opportunity we have.

If you do the right things over the next 5 years, you’ll put yourself in an amazing place to have a bulletproof business long term.

If you delay, you’ll have to deal with the regret of inaction for the long term.

If you’re ready… I recommend jumping on a totally free, quick 20 minute call with our team.

You’ll talk to a real person and they will give you customized guidance on your next skills or steps to take to gain momentum in your business.

We don’t sell anything on this call and you literally couldn’t buy something from us if you wanted to in this call.

We just know we can help and we want to prove it to you for free.

Click here to pick a time that works for you.

Click here to pick a time that works for you.

It’s time to start making some serious progress in your business.

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