Patient Payments During the Global Health Crisis

RALEIGH, NC, April 23, 2020 – Tom Cooley, founder of Go CardConnect, joined PtEverywhere’s Jonathan Davis in a webinar to discuss physical therapy patient payments during today’s global health crisis.

In this webinar, Tom and Jonathan discuss telehealth, integrated secure payments, a new bluetooth swipe device, PtEverywhere’s patient portal, and PCI Compliance.

Tom explained, “People are just evaluating their overall process of how their practice is operating and how it’s working. They’re looking at everything, and they want to look at everything from a holistic perspective and streamline things to make their lives easier.  And now is a great time; when there’s a pause.”

Jonathan added, “A lot of people view PtEverywhere as a scheduling system and as an EMR system. In fact, we were recently named the top rated EMR among other physical therapy EMR systems… In this time, we’re getting a huge demand for our telehealth and remote programming features. Therapists are still able to provide education, instruction, and guidance through video chat and home exercise programs within the PtEverywhere patient portal.  We’re in a time period where everyone has to adapt, and it’s very reassuring to know that PtEverywhere was already equipped to allow you to do so.”

About PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere (think “Physical Therapist Everywhere” AND “Patient Everywhere”) was founded with an athlete’s mindset and a lofty objective: to create a new paradigm for physical therapists and patients, one with a modern approach to using technology to create a new level of interactive communication between physical therapists and their patients, while also accelerating therapist and patient successes, both inside and outside of the clinic.

PtEverywhere is the next wave in patient care. With the all-in-one physical therapy practice management software system, therapists can streamline their client communications, ensure patient compliance, and reduce overhead – all from one mobile cross-platform solution

Telehealth Today

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare providers, including physical therapists, are taking considerable steps toward moving their practices online. The coronavirus has forced patients and providers alike to make massive changes without much notice.

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for physical therapists to expand their practices. The capabilities of telemedicine are continuously growing, and it is worth looking into implementing these features to further optimize patient care.

telehealth software pt clinic

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recently released a list of Telehealth Top 10 “To-Dos”. This list provides some excellent guidance for operating telehealth, specifically through a physical therapy practice management platform like PtEverywhere.

How to bring telehealth to your physical therapy clinic

PtEverywhere offers a variety of features that makes this transition from a brick and mortar physical therapy practice to the remote convenience of telehealth. Finally, there is a cross-platform application that makes it easy to access sensitive patient documentation remotely and securely.

PtEverywhere’s telehealth platform is encrypted, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. It is easy to use and can be accessed via the web, on Android, or on iPhones. PTs (physical therapists) and Pts (patients) can keep connected and discuss any patient concerns on a secured connection.

People are hurting and need movement experts now more than ever.  “Weekend Warriors” have turned into “Weekday Warriors”; and overuse injuries are rampant among many stir-crazy Americans.  On the other end of the spectrum, millions of people have replaced an active lifestyle with dangerous sedentary living; stuck on the couch, watching Netflix.

Telehealth provides a solution for physical therapists to help many people in need through evaluation, education, demonstrations, and remote programming. PtEverywhere provides a platform for all of this and more.

The patient portal enables patients to access any of their information from their laptops, tablets, or phones. Through this feature, patients have access to home exercise programs, progress tracking, online forms, scheduling and payment available at their fingertips.

Stay-at-home doesn’t have to mean staying still. Thanks to telehealth platforms, physical therapists have the means to keep providing their patients with excellent care and ensure that there are no hitches in their plans of care.

On the other hand, patients can still count on receiving the same quality of care that they would by visiting a PT practice in person; only now, they can do it from the comfort and safety of their homes.

No risk. No exposure. Only continued care and more flexibility.

For many, telehealth may be a temporary bandage for those looking to provide care while the world is under quarantine. Exemplary physical therapy should be deemed an “essential business” and should not be placed on hold. Thanks to telehealth and PtEverywhere, it doesn’t have to be.

telehealth for physical therapy

The results are in: PtEverywhere rated top EMR in customer satisfaction and technology leadership

PtEverywhere received top marks by customers in UpDoc Inc.’s recently released 2020 EMR Wish List Survey.

The company’s platform was given a “10,” the highest ranking, across several categories, including overall recommendation, pricing, and capabilities in documentation and billing. Survey respondents included a mix of clinicians and clinic managers.

While UpDoc’s survey was specific to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, PtEverywhere offers much more than that. Its platform is an all-in-one Physical Therapy Practice Management solution with scheduling, messaging, billing, and telehealth features.

In fact, telehealth is on everyone’s minds these days, as the global health crisis related to Covid-19 forces many health professionals to evaluate how they can help patients. When reached for comment on UpDoc’s survey, Michael Le, CEO of PtEverywhere, was excited and grateful for the high marks, and he praised PtEverywhere’s leadership for its forward-thinking design features.

Said Le, “We’re thrilled to receive such high marks from our customers, and it’s always nice to be recognized for our hard work. Our goal at PtEverywhere is to be customer-centric and patient-centric, and we are always looking forward in terms of what we are building into the platform and how it can help patients.”

“For instance, we built a telehealth feature into the software. A year ago, that was a ‘nice-to-have’ feature. Now, it’s an absolute necessity. Using our telehealth capabilities, therapists can continue to help patients, even if they’re not in the room with them. Evaluations, demonstrations, adjustments, and more are all possible from a safe and convenient distance, through the web or an app on your phone. Furthermore, therapists can edit and complete their treatment notes within the software simultaneously during the telehealth sessions.”

Seems like the survey respondents and Le agree: PtEverywhere really is the best way to connect to your patients.