You Can’t Spell “LOVE” Without Pt

It is February once again and love is in the air. It is the season and an opportunity for everyone to come a little closer and express our affections for our significant others, families, and even our fur babies. However, something that should not be overlooked is the labor of love we perform each day.

In the everyday operations of running a physical therapy clinic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the taxing clerical work that goes into the process. Valentine’s Day is here and while everyone is focused on their significant others, there is a key relationship that should not be forgotten.

The relationship between physical therapist (PT) and patient (Pt).

It can be overwhelming for a single clinician to give equal care to every single patient as the practice expands. However, there are many tools available to alleviate the work load.

A growing number of physical therapists are operating cash-based practices, because this gives them more opportunity to care for patients one on one and focus specifically on their needs. Breaking free from the limitations of insurance contracts frees up a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on paperwork.

There is still the challenge of maintaining a practice and managing a busy schedule with numerous patients that have a myriad of different physical therapy care plans. Thankfully, has many features to help any physical therapy practice run more efficiently.

PtEverywhere’s practice management suite furthers PTs’ ability to engage with patients one on one. Many features are implemented to take advantage of new technology and eliminate the need for filing cabinets and other antiquated systems:

– Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – PtE’s cross-platform app stores patient information on a readily available and easy to organize cloud storage. Utilizing cloud technology eliminates the need for paper charts and allows practitioners to pull up important patient information on the fly.

– Home Exercise Prescription (HEP) videos – Instead of giving patients the traditional pen and paper prescription, physical therapists are enabled to upload exercise videos to a patient portal and provide better guidance and greater convenience.

– Telehealth – like FaceTime, but HIPAA-compliant. Telehealth (also known as Telemedicine and Telerehabilitation) enables physical therapists to communicate over video chat with their patients over an encrypted and secured connection, thus ensuring confidentiality.

Physical therapists and patients have access to the cross-platform PtEverywhere app to ensure an ongoing dialogue and relationship between each other. Not only does PtE eliminate a lot of the stress that goes into managing documentation, but it fosters the relationship between therapist and patient.

When you are in the business of helping people, you do not want to lose sight of your primary objective: caring for patients and helping them reach their goals. Physical therapy is a labor of love that heals people and enriches their lives without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgeries.

PtE is ultimately here to help physical therapists connect with who really matters: the patient.

Save Time, Money & Improve Patient Care with Auto Messaging

Automated Messaging Can Save Time, Money and Improve Patient Care

There’s a saying that “Time is money,” and nowhere is this more evident than in the healthcare industry where late appointment cancellations and missed appointments are common. According to a recent study, missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system an unbelievable $150 billion.

How can that be? Let’s consider that each open, unused 60-minute time slot can cost a PT clinician an average of $150. With no-show rates running as high as 30% nationwide, that $150 billion figure almost seems conservative.

While missed appointments and late cancellations are costly and frustrating for physical therapy practice owners, patients also suffer. When a patient cancels or misses his or her appointment, that means that one patient is not receiving the medical treatment he or she needs, while another patient who needs treatment is unable to take that appointment slot and receive help.

What can be done to reduce cancellations and no shows?

Everyone knows that today’s world is more connected than ever. Technology has changed how we work, how we play, how we balance budgets and how we manage our lives. Utilizing technology to automate appointment reminders simply makes sense.

In the past decade, the single biggest change to business communications has been the growth of mobile phone use. That means businesses have had to change the way they reach their customers. 79% of Americans check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up and most check their phones an average 150 times per day. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that businesses are concentrating on how to best reach clients on their mobiles.

This is why PtEverywhere’s Automated Messaging feature is so important to any clinic. Automated messaging has become one of the most effective methods for businesses to reach their customers and clients. A study at a family practice in Colorado showed that sending appointment reminders via text reduced the number of missed appointments by an impressive 40%. The same study revealed that nearly 100% of all text messages are opened within the first three minutes of being received.

Some patients may prefer to receive email reminders. Fortunately, PtEverywhere’s Automated Messaging feature offers something for everyone. The app offers patients the option to receive up to four different confirmations and four different reminders about their upcoming appointments:

– Email

– Push Notification

– SMS / Text

– In-App Notification

There’s no doubt that missed appointments and cancelations are bad for business and even worse for patients in a busy clinic. Nobody likes to waste time or lose money. Automated messaging can be a great addition to any clinic to remind patients of their healthcare appointments to save time, money and improve patient care. Try PtEverywhere’s Automated Messaging feature today.