CONNECT Patients with PtEverywhere

What we’re really trying to do is get a better picture of what the patient does during their everyday life and get a snapshot of what they look like for that day and for that week.

As a provider, a lot of times, we ask patients questions of what they’ve been doing, but we don’t necessarily get the whole picture. So with PtEverywhere, we’ve provided that ability. They can write down what they’re doing in their daily calendar. They can measure what they’re doing with their “Subjectives” (Daily Health Tracker).

Then, as a provider, before they even come in, I have the ability to see what they’ve done for that past week, or for that past day, or for that past month – however long that’s been.

PtEverywhere helps to stimulate some of the questions that I have for my patients. It also helps me to get a better picture of the workload that the patient is doing. Once that happens, it’s easier for me to treat that patient and prescribe what needs to be done.

ATTRACT Patients with PtEverywhere

As a former clinic manager and current owner of a cash based physical therapy practice, a major stressor that kept me up at night was bringing in new clients. A lot of times, we have to be creative. We go out and do talks. We answer questions. We do lectures.

PtEverywhere can help with this by providing the ability to get that content to the people at the lecture or at the event. You can quickly and easily upload videos of treatment techniques and exercises and give them to prospective new clients through the PtE app. It also gets their contact information and puts them into our system, so you have a better chance for them to become a patient of yours in the future.